That's Estela, the alma mater of Catalina House

Passionate, tenacious, cheery and a dreamer

Estela Gómez Lupión is the “alma mater” of Catalina House. With solid experience in the world of interior design, beginning more than 25 years ago as a stylist and editor for top publications such as Nuevo Estilo, Ambientes and Diseño y Arquitectura, she has successfully carried out numerous projects which even include set design and prop design in renowned audio-visual settings.

Estela Gómez

Her vast experience, ambition and personal taste, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, one day led her to make her dream a reality: to create her own project where she could let loose her creativity, imagination and professionalism.

She recalls that when she was designing her home in Formentera, she realised that there was a need for a store with furniture, fabrics, lighting and accessories based on the island’s unique style. Formentera deserved one. And so, in 2007, Catalina House was born.

Years later, due to her eagerness to undertake new projects and develop her recognisable style beyond the numerous successful projects on the island that bore her name, she struck on the idea of expanding the Catalina House brand to a setting which was more urban but equally Mediterranean and always personal. As a result, she opened a store in Barcelona in 2016.

But before talking about Catalina House, let’s get to know its “alma mater” a little better.

Who is Estela?

Estela defines herself as passionate, tenacious, cheery, energetic and a dreamer.

She says that her source of inspiration is the Mediterranean, its lifestyle, light, aromas and colours, which she says she feels in a unique and personal way.

Her exquisite taste and vast creativity can be seen in her style, which speaks more from the heart than the head and is reflected in spaces full of harmony, light and serenity. She draws inspiration from the contemplation of nature, which calmly and peacefully accepts the life cycle, perfect yet full of imperfections.

Where nothing is eternal, nothing is permanent, and nothing is complete, life peacefully goes on and is there to be enjoyed with all five senses.

“I’m inspired by nature, whose life cycles continue peacefully and in total harmony”

And her style, how to define it?

It’s a style influenced by the trends of slow living and wabi-sabi, where there is always contact with nature, so powerful and yet so fragile, and with its authenticity, balance, and simplicity. It’s nature which inspires her when creating honest, imperfect spaces which are in permanent evolution and avoid perfection or a fake style.

Spaces which shun labels and conventions and which reflect a happy, authentic and passionate life. Homes whose environments are lived in and enjoyed to the fullest.

“My passion is creating happy spaces”

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