The mark of Catalina House

The essence of the Mediterranean in every space, in every detail

At Catalina House, we help you to create cool, bright, comfortable spaces where the calm, light, flavour and happiness of the Mediterranean are the central features of the home. Beyond the decor itself, the attention to detail and the sophisticated simplicity which defines our company philosophy, at Catalina House, we live interior design with a passion and want to share it with you. Every fabric, every piece of furniture and every accessory is carefully chosen so that you enjoy your home. We believe in open spaces where you feel comfortable and where the magic of simplicity inspires every corner, both inside and out.

Unique environments where you can enjoy your home with all five senses

From the kitchen to the living room, from bedrooms to bathrooms, from the dining room to the terrace to the garden, the unmistakable mark of Catalina House leaves a Mediterranean feel. It’s simple and traditional but completely modern and functional, where fine, natural and durable materials, such as wood, wicker, linen, cotton, ceramics, and stone, combine in perfect harmony and fill our distinctive style with colour and flavour.

Catalina House offers the opportunity to enjoy life at home and peacefully sail the Mediterranean with passion and a unique personal touch.

Mediterranean-fusion style, a winning choice

Distressed wood, natural linens, stone, glass, wicker and hemp are just some of the materials which are carefully combined to create the Catalina House style. The style? Mediterranean through and through. It can be found in every detail of our furniture, fabrics and objects. You’ll feel it instantly in the spaces we create, whether from the logs and sticks arranged in vases, those vintage syphons, from the leaves over a table, or from the fresh, subtle ambience devoid of trickery.

Authentic and natural

We like imperfections. It’s through imperfections that we can see life go by, calmly and peacefully. Just like skin, our pieces bear wonderful markings like cracks, rust, frayed edges and worn finishes which show that they have had a life. They’re happy and they make us happy.

How we work

Each project has its own story and mission. For this reason, at Catalina House, we devote ourselves to getting to know you and your desires, tastes, dreams and needs in order to propose the best ideas and achieve the best results.

We can help advise on decor or help with complete projects on the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands for:

  • Your home in the city, by the beach or in the countryside
  • Your business, office, shop, restaurant or hotel.

After many years and many satisfied customers, we’ve honed our honest and reliable work method.

  • We present various ideas to you
  • We design a project
  • We search for or design the furniture for you
  • We take charge of the work through to completion
  • We fill the space with details
  • We welcome you to your space

You can request an appointment at:

Catalina House Barcelona

Phone: +34 931 409 639
Amigó, 47, 08021 Barcelona
Cataluña – España

Catalina House Formentera

Phone: +34 649 172 152
Avda. Joan Castelló Guash, 1,
07871 San Fernando-Formentera
Baleares – España