In Formentera, we find the origins of Catalina House

Peace, light and sun

Catalina House Formentera is a place which delights the senses and captures all the essence of Formentera and the Mediterranean lifestyle: leisurely, unhurried, peaceful… It’s a place to create simple yet beautiful spaces where you can relax and enjoy “il dolce far niente”.

decoration dining room shop formentera catalina house
Catalina House tienda en Formentera mobiliario e interiorismo
Honest, natural materials

Such as wood, stone, linen, concrete that combined help create beautiful, unique spaces, free of greed and idleness and which appreciate the wisdom of nature.

Authenticity first and foremost

Places to welcome the passing of time, the weather and wear, leaving wonderful marks such as cracks, rust, and wonderful frayed edges.

Tienda Catalina House Formentera. Interior Tienda
Tienda Catalina House Formentera.  Decoración exterior. Plantas
decoration living room store formentera catalaina house
Tienda Catalina House Formentera.  Decoración exterior. Lámpara
decoration shop catalina house desk
decorative elements shop catalina house formentera
Tienda Catalina House Formentera. Interior Tienda. Muebles, decoración y proyectos de Interiorismo
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table bar shop catalina house formentera

Tel: +34 649 172 152  Avda. Joan Castelló Guash, 1, 07871 San Fernando, Formentera

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